RAIDking Technologies' Tech Support Form

In order for our technicians to assist you as accurately and quickly as possible, we request that you fill out this form in its entirety. Once received, we can begin the process of determining the cause of your technical problem, as well as its solution. Upon reviewing your form, a technician will get back to you either via e-mail or telephone.

RAID Information Description & Details - Please fill in here
E-mail Address:
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Last Name :
Company Name :
Phone Number :
RAID Model #:
RAID Serial #:
Cache Memory Size:
How many drives installed:
Brand and size/model of installed drives:
Firmware Version (use scroll arrows to find it on display panel)
RAID Level
Hot Spare Enabled – Yes / No
Host Bus Adapter card type and model number (e.g. LSI 20320 or ATTO UL5D)
Host Server your RAID is connected to and its operating system and version
(e.g. Dell Power Edge 8600 with Windows 2003 Server)
What type of environment is the RAID stored in (equipment room etc. and what is the ambient temperature)
What is the RAID being required to do (Example: act as a file server for 12 users. In use 24/7)
Description of the problem you are experiencing. (Please be very specific on what has occurred since the problem began. Include any troubleshooting steps that you have taken.)
Error Messages Being Reported