SAS Storage

Imagine your next SAS RAID Storage Solution directly attached to your server!

State-of-the-art performance, an extreme level of reliability, unsurpassed user friendliness combined with the lowest price per terabyte anywhere.

All this from a 16 year old industry leader, known for including Lifetime Technical Support for Free with every purchase!

RAIDking™ N27S Series - 12 Bay, 6 Gbit/sec. SAS to SAS / SATA III Rack Mount RAID featuring an Intel 1.2GHz IOP based controller with PCIe 2.0 bandwidth. Available with 24 - 48 TB of Enterprise Grade storage.

RAIDking™ N37S Series - 16 Bay, 6 Gbit/sec. SAS to SAS / SATA III Rack Mount RAID featuring an Intel 1.2GHz IOP based controller with PCIe 2.0 bandwidth. Available with 32 - 64 TB of Enterprise Grade storage.

RAIDking™ N47S Series - 24 Bay, 6 Gbit/sec. SAS to SAS / SATA III Rack Mount RAID featuring an Intel 1.2GHz IOP based controller with PCIe 2.0 bandwidth. Available with 48 - 96 TB of Enterprise Grade storage.

RAIDking Technologies' SAS to SAS / SATA III RAID storage solutions are designed specifically to fit anywhere from the smaller work group all the way up to the performance driven large server environment.

These ultra-reliable, high performance, yet very affordable SAS RAID arrays are available from 24 TB all the way up to 96 TB, and suit a highly versatile range of applications.

By connecting directly to your host server and utilizing an onboard microprocessor, these RAIDking™ SAS storage solutions give your data the security and performance it deserves.

Today's SATA III and SAS technology has increased the burst transfer rates to 6 Gbit/sec., providing the highest levels of disk throughput and enhancing data integrity as well.

Extreme User Friendliness is our advantage.

As opposed to conventional disk arrays that usually require experienced specialists to deal with complicated and time consuming setup procedures, all RAIDking™ RAID storage solutions feature a revolutionary new concept:

Innovative Plug and Play RAID

Compared to the conventional disk array’s long and tedious setup procedures, the RAIDking™ RAID storage solutions can be ready to initialize in just a few minutes by using their simple, step-by-step, built-in setup program. Hooking up your RAIDking™ RAID storage solution to your server is simple and painless.

Powerful Performance Without Compromise

The RAIDking™ SAS storage solutions are designed to enhance your capability and productivity by offering advanced performance and state-of-the-art features in a high quality, modular and compact disk array subsystem, that is also one of the fastest systems on the market. Just check out some of the unique features:

  • Independent Fault Isolation:
    Each hard drive is on a separate data channel – if a drive fails, it won’t affect or corrupt data on another drive.

  • Fault Tolerance:
    Allows the disk array to continue functioning, even when one* of the hard disks has failed.
    *(Two disks can fail simultaneously with no data loss if the hot-spare function is enabled)

  • Auto Rebuild:
    When a replacement disk has been installed, the RAIDking™ RAID storage solutions provide automatic data rebuild without the need for any commands or functions to be keyed in. (Transparent to Host)

  • Operating Status:
    A LCD status panel displays a comprehensive readout of the operating status and the HDD LED indicators on each hard disk tray display the status of the individual hard disk. This information can also be accessed with a web browser through the built-in CGI based GUI, which is also capable of notifying you about events via email or SNMP.

  • Hot Spare Feature:
    A hard disk can be used as a global hot-standby disk. When a hard disk error occurs on one of the RAID drives, this on-line hot spare disk will automatically replace the failed hard disk drive.

  • Hot Swap Feature:
    You can remove and install the hot-swap parts without interrupting data access while your RAIDking™ RAID storage solution is on. These hot swap parts include the hard disks, redundant power supply units and cooling fans.

  • Ultra High Speed:
    Interface support for 6 Gbit/sec. SAS - Up to 6 Gbit/sec. data transfer rate.

  • Power Supply:
    Redundant and load sharing dual or triple power supplies.

  • Operating Systems:
    Operating system independent and transparent. Certified for all major operating systems, including Windows NT/2000/2003,XP, XP X64, Vista, 7 & 8, Linux, Novell, UNIX, SGI, SUN, HP, IBM and Mac.

  • Hard Disk Compatibility:
    Compatible with most SATA III and SAS drives with capacities ranging from 1 - 4 TB.

Consistently rated among the industry leaders and trusted for quality and reliability, all RAIDking™ products have been through comprehensive functional and mechanical tests in order to ensure the highest level of product quality in design and manufacturing. All RAIDking™ storage solutions come with Lifetime Technical Support included Free of Charge.

RAIDking™ Technologies' RAID storage solutions are used by the US Armed Forces, NASA and the US Federal Government , along with major corporations, educational institutions and hospitals worldwide.

By now, we're looking forward to welcoming your company to our long list of satisfied customers. Because at RAIDking™, our sole mission is to deliver exceptional data integrity, system serviceability and top performance at a price that fits your budget. In return, this enables you to improve your productivity and streamline your information flow.

Call us today, toll free at 1-800-799-7262 for a price quote on your next RAID storage solution, and find out why RAIDking Technologies has been "The Leader In Cost Effective RAID Storage Solutions Since 1998".