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Got a problem? Need answers to commonly asked questions? You've come to the right place! Our technical support staff is here to serve you. No matter what the problem, our team of skilled technicians will help get it resolved quickly.

If you're having problems with your RAID storage solution we kindly ask you to fill out our Tech Support Form first. This will allow our technicians to have all the information on hand, so they can get your issue taken care of as soon as possible. Upon receiving it, a technician will get back to you either via e-mail or telephone.

For Hard Disk Drive Support/RMA Instructions, please Click Here.

A few things you may want to verify first:

In order to save yourself some time, you may also want to verify the following, before contacting us about a technical issue:

Verify that the hardware terminator is attached correctly. If your RAID unit has more than one host channel, the hardware terminator must be connected to the lower connector on the same channel, (located directly underneath the cable going to the host)

On older RAID units that provided users a choice of either hardware or software termination, please ensure that only ONE of the two methods is being used. We suggest using a hardware terminator and disabling the internal software termination, since this method has proven to be the most reliable.

Verify that your SCSI Host Bus Adapter card in your server is working. Can the RAID be seen by the server and what happens if you hook up another HBA and plug the RAID into that card? Also, since all RAIDking™ RAID storage solutions have a built in RAID controller they will not work if they are hooked up to a RAID controller in your server. All they require is a simple SCSI Host Bus Adapter with an external 68 pin SCSI port (such as the Adaptec 29160).

If overheating is an issue – have you checked that the RAID unit has adequate ventilation and airflow in an environment that is not excessively hot, and have you checked that all cooling fans in the RAID are working?

Have you tried accessing the RAID unit using HyperTerminal instead of the display panel? Instructions for this can be found in your manual.

For firmware upgrades – did you use a null modem cable (you must).

Contacting Technical Support

Technical Support is available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. However, unless you just have a brief question, please fill out our Tech Support Form before calling us.

- Call Toll Free: 1-888-433-3500