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Hard Disk Support

If you are experiencing a hard disk failure, please use one of the following links to arrange for a replacement directly from the manufacturer. This is the fastest, most effective way to get a defective hard disk replaced, since the manufacturers keep most every model in stock anytime.

When contacting the hard disk manufacturer, please do not reference the fact that your hard disk drive is part of a RAID storage solution, as this will only delay the replacement process. Most hard disk manufacturers' customer service reps do not understand RAID storage technology and may ask you to run tests on your defective hard disk, in order to convince themselves that you have a problem disk.

Therefore, please mention that your drive is "not spinning up" for immediate replacement without having to run unnecessary tests.

Use these links to go directly to the manufacturer's support pages, or call the appropriate support number.

Seagate 1-800-468-3472

IBM/Hitachi 1-888-426-5214

Western Digital